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Integrated Financial Planning & Investment Management so you can worry less and
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The Vault Wealth System

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Are you tired of fragmented financial advice? At Vault, we understand that your financial life is interconnected. That's why we've developed the Vault Wealth System™, a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of your financial well-being.

Gone are the days of piecemeal planning. With Vault, you'll have a dedicated team who coordinates across four essential areas, ensuring a holistic and enduring financial strategy. From investments to retirement planning, taxes to estate management, we've got you covered.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your financial future is in expert hands. Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty – with Vault Wealth, you can focus on what truly matters while we handle the rest.

Live Free, Financially.
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The Process

What’s Known

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Starting with what’s known gives us a clear understanding of where you’re at today.

What’s Important

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We want to find out exactly what’s important to you. Not what Google tells you is important.

What’s Possible

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Here’s where we find out exactly what’s possible for you. Work optional 10 years early? Yes please.

What’s Next

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We’ll give you clear
action steps and timelines so you always know what’s next.

You have a
God-given purpose.

Is your relationship with money serving as a catalyst in
accomplishing that purpose or a culprit in sabotaging it?


We are different, by design

The value we bring to every client is unique. We take the time to understand who you are, what drives you, and where you find purpose.

What matters the most

Forget money for a second, what is your why? What is driving you to have a plan? We always start there, if it matters to you, it matters to us.

Deliver instant answers

We've worked hard to create tools designed to help you know exactly where you are and what you're working towards.

Monitor your investments

The client portal offers in-depth performance reporting so you'll always know how they're doing and what role they play in your plan.


We don't believe in putting people in a box. We let your values and vision drive the solutions we present.

Clear & Transparent

We don't believe in hidden agendas or hidden fees. Our pricing is clear and easy to understand.

Our people make the difference

We genuinely care about our clients. There's no corporate agenda driving results at your expense, we're your team every step of the way.

Our services put clients first

At Vault Wealth, innovation is our currency. From cutting-edge tools to personalized strategies, we continuously evolve our services to meet you at the forefront of your financial journey, ensuring every aspect of your wealth is expertly managed and optimized.

Vault Plan™

Discover the Vault Plan™ Service from Vault Wealth, tailored to suit your unique circumstances and goals. It's your opportunity to experience the power of our Vault Wealth System™ firsthand, while we explore the potential of our longterm collaboration. Our focus is on laying a solid foundation for your financial future, whether you choose to continue with us or not.

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Vault Invest™

Elevate your investment game with the Vault Invest™ Service from Vault Wealth. We specialize in crafting bespoke portfolios, meticulously tailored to your unique financial goals and risk tolerance. Our comprehensive approach includes a diverse range of investment options such as individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, options, mutual funds, and more, both public and private.

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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Unlock the ultimate in financial empowerment with our Comprehensive Wealth Management service at Vault Wealth. Imagine having both our Vault Plan™ and Vault Invest™ seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive, ongoing solution designed exclusively for you.

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Vault Estate™

Elevate your estate planning with Vault Estate™ Service, a collaboration between Vault Wealth and EncorEstate Plans (Encore). Encore is renowned for its expertise in crafting comprehensive estate planning documents, including trusts and other vital legal instruments.

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Retirement Plan Consulting

Empower your employer retirement plan with our tailored advisory and consulting services, designed to meet the unique needs of both the plan and its fiduciaries. At our core, we're committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of employer retirement plans with confidence.

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Advisory Consulting Services

Elevate your business, real estate, and financial decisions with our targeted consulting services. Designed to address specific needs outlined in your custom agreement, our Advisory Consulting Service provides expert guidance on a range of topics crucial to your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we get asked that we haven't addressed already, enjoy!
What are the next steps to get started?

Getting started couldn't be easier, just reach out to us at hello@vaultwealth.us, give us the verbal "Let's go!", and we'll get you going. We've worked hard on our onboarding process and signing up with us can take as little as 5 minutes! We want the process to be smooth and easy for you so you can relax and Live Free, Financially.

How do you get paid?

We believe there is an inherent conflict of interest when you're working with a large insurance or investment company who's only pushing certain products. How can you trust that the advisor you're talking to truly has your best interests at heart when they make a huge commission on some new annuity or life insurance policy? You can't, which is why we don't work on commission or charge any trading/transaction costs. We structure our fees to put us in a fiduciary relationship with you, meaning we are required to do the best thing for you at all times. Our fees are clear, transparent, and aligned with your specific goals in mind.

What is it like meeting in your office?

Believe it or not, we get this question from time to time and we've worked hard to create an environment that feels comfortable and where you feel less like a stranger and more like family. Put some time on our calendar and give us a chance to be good hosts, we don't like high pressure environments, we enjoy making and building relationships the most!

What are your qualifications?

For us, it starts and stops at the Certified Financial Planner, or CFP®. The CFP® designation is the "gold standard" in our industry and goes far beyond the minimum requirements needed to work at any firm. The CFP® designation requires continuous learning and ensures that your advisor is taking a holistic approach, looking at every angle, never focusing on one aspect of your financial journey in a silo. With Vault Wealth, you'll have access to a CFP® who will ensure your plan is complete.

How will we communicate with you?

We are geared to go as fast or as slow as you want to during your Vault Plan™ buildout, after that, we'll reach out periodically with items from the 4 key areas of the Vault Wealth System™ to prompt different conversations throughout the year. We know life gets crazy and things change, so we are always just a phone call or email away from you, no limits.

You'll of course have access to your Vault Plan™ via the client dashboard where you can see your plan, investment performance, tasks, and more.

What do you love most about your job?

The best part of doing what we do is watching clients light up when they see possibilities that they never thought were possible, or when we show our clients how we genuinely listen and care.

We are passionate about our job, and our job is building the foundation for you

Who We Serve

Some advisors only serve one kind of client, but we don't put our clients in the proverbial "box". We realize that we quite literally put them in boxes below, but you get the idea right??

The Vault Wealth System™ is built to help you where you're at.

Whether you’re just out of college or you feel like you should be saving for your kids college, we can help. Google causes lots of information overload, so we’ll help you understand what matters most so you can make the right moves.



We understand the challenge of keeping your personal finances separate from your business. Your time is valuable, you deserve to spend it building your business and the life you dreamed of. Not losing sleep wondering if you’re on track.



Healthcare, Equine, Attorneys, Engineers, IT, and more! A healthy income doesn’t automatically equate to financial freedom. We’ll help you turn a good earned income into passive & portfolio income so one day work can be optional.



You’ve worked hard and deserve to retire confidently. You shouldn’t have to worry about inflation or market dips. From Social Security to Medicare, we’ve got you covered. Know you're invested right and your finances are optimized.