Why Vault Wealth?

Not all "advisors" are created equal. We're different, we'd love to show you how.
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Fi-du-ci...watch your language! Simply put, this means we put your needs first, regardless of how we get paid.

CFP® Professional

Only 25% of U.S. financial advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals.*

*Source: www.cfp.net, www.cerulli.com
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Comprehensive in the fullest sense of the word. We leave no stone unturned when we build your plan.

What's possible with more?

Working with an advisor could help your money grow 3% more per year.*

Year 1
Growth of $100,000
Year 30
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The chart assumes the hypothetical growth of $100,000 over 30 years with annualized returns of 5% and 8%. The returns and this chart are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual investment returns, trading activity, or performance.

The increase of 3% may be achievable by investment advisors who implement best practices and strategies for serving their clients. Specifically: suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds / ETFs, cost-effective implementation (expense ratios), rebalancing, behavioral coaching, asset location (allocation of assets between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts), spending strategy (withdrawal order), total-returns versus income investing. A link to the white paper supporting this claim can be found below.

Vault Wealth Strategies, LLC believes that our service offerings align with these best practices by either utilizing features that allow for them (i.e. offering commission-free, low-expense-ratio ETF trading, rebalancing, and tax advantaged accounts) and/or creating efficiencies through streamlined software so that our advisors can spend more time on best practices such as the ones described by Vanguard, listed above.

Source: Vanguard, Putting a value on your value, July 2022

Our Process: The Vault Wealth System™

The Vault Wealth System™ is designed to integrate all aspects of your financial life
so that you can worry less and Live Free, Financially.
The Vault Wealth System "bullseye" graphic looks like a wheel with pie slices representing different aspects of holistic planning.

The “Bullseye” There are 4 key areas that need to be coordinated to build a plan that lasts. The Bullseye is at the heart of the Vault Wealth System™, we may not cover it all during onboarding, but we will eventually. Our system is designed to ensure no stone is left unturned, again and again.

Onboarding We take the time on the front end to bring you on board to the Vault Wealth family and answer 4 key questions: What’s Known? What’s Important? What’s Possible? and What’s Next? Once we know where we’re headed, we’ll give you clear action steps tailored to your situation.

Ongoing We’ll be proactively reaching out to you with topics from The “Bullseye” prompting conversations and engagement. We don’t limit you to a specific number of meetings. We’re partnering with you on this journey, if things change or you just want to talk, we’re available.

Who We Serve

Some advisors only serve one kind of client, but we don't put our clients in the proverbial "box". We realize that we quite literally put them in boxes below, but you get the idea right??

The Vault Wealth System™ is built to help you where you're at.

Whether you’re just out of college or you feel like you should be saving for your kids college, we can help. Google causes lots of information overload, so we’ll help you understand what matters most so you can make the right moves.



We understand the challenge of keeping your personal finances separate from your business. Your time is valuable, you deserve to spend it building your business and the life you dreamed of. Not losing sleep wondering if you’re on track.



Healthcare, Equine, Attorneys, Engineers, IT, and more! A healthy income doesn’t automatically equate to financial freedom. We’ll help you turn a good earned income into passive & portfolio income so one day work can be optional.



You’ve worked hard and deserve to retire confidently. You shouldn’t have to worry about inflation or market dips. From Social Security to Medicare, we’ve got you covered. Know you're invested right and your finances are optimized.



You have a
God-given purpose.

Is your relationship with money serving as a catalyst in
accomplishing that purpose or a culprit in sabotaging it?

Ready To Learn More?

Meet with our Founder: Luke Milholland, CFP® to get a first hand look at The Vault Wealth System™.

There's no obligation, no charge, and no pressure.

The goal of this meeting is to just get acquainted and find out if we are a mutual fit.

Find out who we are, how we work with clients, and what it would look like should you choose to move forward