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Financial Planning & Investment Management
to help you Live Free, Financially.

The Vault Plan

What’s Known

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Starting with what’s known gives us a clear understanding of where you’re at today.

What’s Important

Hand held out with a heart shape above the hand to symbolize we care about what's important to you

We want to find out exactly what’s important to you. Not what Google tells you is important.

What’s Possible

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Here’s where we find out exactly what’s possible for you. Work optional 10 years early? Yes please.

What’s Next

Map locator symbol to symbolize we'll help you know where to go next after you get your plan

We’ll give you clear
action steps and timelines so you always know what’s next.


We are different, by design

The value we bring to every client is unique. We take the time to understand who you are, what drives you, and where you find purpose.

What matters the most

Forget money for a second, what is your why? What is driving you to have a plan? We always start there, if it matters to you, it matters to us.

Deliver instant answers

The client portal combined with the One-Pager are designed to help you know exactly where you are and what you're working towards.

Monitor your investments

The client portal offers in-depth performance reporting so you'll always know how they're doing and what role they play in your plan.


We don't believe in putting people in a box. We let your values and vision drive the solutions we present.

Clear & Transparent

We don't believe in hidden agendas or hidden fees. Our pricing is clear and easy to understand.

Our people make the difference

We genuinely care about our clients. There's no corporate agenda driving results at your expense, we're your team every step of the way.

The Vault Wealth System

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Too often “advisors” or companies only focus on one area of your financial life. Wouldn’t it be nice if your advisor was able to coordinate and plan around them all?

At Vault we focus on 4 key areas that need to be coordinated to build a plan that lasts.The Vault Wealth System is designed to integrate all aspects of your financial life so you can worry less and 

Live Free, Financially.
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The “One Pager”

A snapshot of your plan, on one page, with all the relevant data at your fingertips. This report gets delivered quarterly with updated Action Items so you'll know exactly what you're supposed to be working on to achieve your unique Goals & Objectives.
Dashboard mockup

The Client Dashboard

Compare scenarios and explore various way to bring your plan to life. You will be able to review scenarios anytime and can even play around with variables at your own leisure.

Connect any online account—from investment accounts to credit cards—to your personalized portal so that you always have an up to date view of your financial picture.

No need to wait for a quarterly statement.  Now you can know how your investments are doing anytime you like.  In addition, you can run helpful cashflow & balance sheet reports. Best of all, if you ever have questions you can contact your advisor or schedule an appointment right from the dashboard.
Mix of several screenshots of the Vault Wealth client dashboard showing probabilities of success and income strategies as well as assets

Vault Invest

Don’t take more risk than is necessary

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Look for Asymmetrical Upside potential

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Less Correlation > More Diversification

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Don’t Chase Fads or Invest on Headlines

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Portion Control is Critical

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What is it like working with a Certified Financial Planner® who cares about you?

Case studies
Couple holding a map and smiling like they're are travelers.
Jim & Pam
Love to travel, good income, want to retire someday, but does it have to be the only thing we plan for? We want options and flexibility.
Young family of 4 jumping and dancing and smiling.
The Smith's
Kids are busy, every night is scheduled, but we don't want to be missing any opportunities. What should we be focusing on today and in the near future?
Young family with baby petting a horse.
Tim & Tina
We own horses, the ranch and the equine industry are all we know, but we're interested in real estate, can anyone help?
Older retired couple sitting and smiling.
Sam & Diane
We need to be tax smart. Will our money last in retirement? When should we take Social Security? We have questions.
We’re hiring!

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of passionate people who care about every client and don't believe in putting people in "boxes", we make sure our team is working in the best spot to make our client experience second to none.
Advisor picture of Luke Milholland.
Luke Z. Milholland CFP ®,ChFC®,CLU®
Founder & CEO
Luke is passionate about helping people relate to their money in a positive and more meaningful way, and to see them align their finances with what they truly value.
Advisor picture of Craig Wilson.
Craig Wilson
Director of Operations
Craig approaches his work with a missional zeal, and is passionate about financial literacy and helping clients steward their finances well.
Whitney Milholland Image
Whitney Milholland
Director of Communications
While others are crunching numbers, running financial projections, or building investment portfolios, Whitney helps keep things social on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
Vic Malone Image
Vic Malone
Vic's passion is people. His priority is to know clients well and to learn about their goals. He uses that knowledge and his expertise to help clients realize success in achieving their short and long term goals.
The Vault Wealth System "bullseye" graphic looks like a wheel with pie slices representing different aspects of holistic planning.
Lindsey Beaman
Lindsey is passionate about helping her clients with any and all of their real estate needs. Her everyday goal is to be as big of a blessing to her clients as they are to her and her family.
The Vault Wealth System "bullseye" graphic looks like a wheel with pie slices representing different aspects of holistic planning.
Gage Dellin
Gage is more than an intern, he's an integral part of the team and helps keep all of us in line. He's passionate about finances and can't wait to dig in and help our clients achieve their goals.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Shoot us a quick message and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

You have a
God-given purpose.

Is your relationship with money serving as a catalyst in
accomplishing that purpose or a culprit in sabotaging it?

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you get paid?

We believe there is an inherent conflict of interest when you're working with a large insurance or investment company who's only pushing certain products. How can you trust that the advisor you're talking to truly has your best interests at heart when they make a huge commission on some new annuity or life insurance policy? You can't, which is why we don't work on commission or charge any trading/transaction costs. We structure our fees to put us in a fiduciary relationship with you, meaning we are required to do the best thing for you at all times. Our fees are clear, transparent, and aligned with your specific goals in mind.

What are the next steps to get started?

Getting started couldn't be easier, just reach out to us at hello@vaultwealth.us, give us the verbal "Let's go!", and we'll get you going. We've worked hard on our onboarding process and signing up with us can take as little as 5 minutes! We want the process to be smooth and easy for you so you can relax and Live Free, Financially.

How will we communicate with you?

We are geared to go as fast or as slow as you want to during your Vault Plan™ buildout, after that, we'll reach out periodically with items from the 4 key areas of the Vault Wealth System™ to prompt different conversations throughout the year. We know life gets crazy and things change, so we are always just a phone call or email away from you, no limits.

You'll of course have access to your Vault Plan™ via the client dashboard where you can see your plan, investment performance, tasks, and more.

What do you love most about your job?

The best part of doing what we do is watching clients light up when they see possibilities that they never thought were possible, or when we show our clients how we genuinely listen and care.

We are passionate about our job, and our job is building the foundation for you

Who We Serve

Some advisors only serve one kind of client, but we don't put our clients in the proverbial "box". We realize that we quite literally put them in boxes below, but you get the idea right??

The Vault Wealth System™ is built to help you where you're at.

Whether you’re just out of college or you feel like you should be saving for your kids college, we can help. Google causes lots of information overload, so we’ll help you understand what matters most so you can make the right moves.



We understand the challenge of keeping your personal finances separate from your business. Your time is valuable, you deserve to spend it building your business and the life you dreamed of. Not losing sleep wondering if you’re on track.



Healthcare, Equine, Attorneys, Engineers, IT, and more! A healthy income doesn’t automatically equate to financial freedom. We’ll help you turn a good earned income into passive & portfolio income so one day work can be optional.



You’ve worked hard and deserve to retire confidently. You shouldn’t have to worry about inflation or market dips. From Social Security to Medicare, we’ve got you covered. Know you're invested right and your finances are optimized.