Why Vault Wealth Exists

After over a decade working for various large financial firms, one thing was abundantly clear to Luke Milholland CFP®: If he wanted to do truly holistic work and provide unbiased advice to clients without pushing any products that cause conflicts of interest, he'd have to branch out on his own. Vault Wealth Strategies, LLC was born in early 2017 and started building the team immediately. Without the burden of a corporate agenda driving "sales" that benefited the insurance company more than it did the clients, Vault Wealth was set free to explore creating systems and processes that allowed it's advisors to focus 100% on the client and what was best for them.

7 years and 6 team members later, Vault Wealth continues to push the envelope for the financial industry by leveraging and developing new technology that puts the clients front and center. Vault Wealth never stops trying to enhance the client experience, if it makes the clients lives easier then it's almost always an automatic yes.

When you hire Vault Wealth, you hire the entire team. There's no individual businesses or silos within the team, we all collaborate on every client to ensure each client gets the best solution and service Vault Wealth can offer.

We believe that every person has a God-given purpose, and good financial planning is the difference between your money serving as a catalyst in accomplishing that purpose versus a culprit in sabotaging it.
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We’re hiring!

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of passionate people who care about every client and are know the true meaning of "team". We make sure our entire team is working in the best spot to make our client experience second to none.
Headshot of Luke Milholland smiling
Luke Z. Milholland CFP ®,ChFC®,CLU®
Founder & CEO
Luke is passionate about helping people relate to their money in a positive and more meaningful way, and to see them align their finances with what they truly value.
Headshot of Craig Wilson smiling
Craig Wilson
Director of Operations
Craig approaches his work with a missional zeal, and is passionate about financial literacy and helping clients steward their finances well.
Headshot of Whitney Milholland smiling
Whitney Milholland
Director of Communications
While others are crunching numbers, running financial projections, or building investment portfolios, Whitney helps keep things social on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
Headshot of Gage Dellin smiling
Gage Dellin
Gage is an integral part of the team and helps keep all of us in line. He's passionate about finances and can't wait to dig in and help our clients achieve their goals.
Headshot of Vic Malone, advisor at Vault Wealth
Vic Malone
Vic's passion is people. His priority is to know clients well and to learn about their goals. He uses that knowledge and his expertise to help clients realize success in achieving their short and long term goals.
Headshot of Lindsey Beaman smiling
Lindsey Beaman
Lindsey is passionate about helping her clients with any and all of their real estate needs. Her everyday goal is to be as big of a blessing to her clients as they are to her and her family.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Shoot us a quick message and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!
We’re hiring!

We’re looking for talented people

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Lead Advisor CFP®
Planning - Client Meetings
Meeting prospective clients as well as collaborating on planning activities for new and existing clients. CFP® certification is required.
In Office
Marketing Manager
Responsible for building, launching, and monitoring marketing campaigns.
In Office
Client Success Manager
Client Success
Responsible for onboarding new clients as well as servicing existing clients. Ensuring the smoothest experience possible
In Office

Who We Serve

Some advisors only serve one kind of client, but we don't put our clients in the proverbial "box". We realize that we quite literally put them in boxes below, but you get the idea right??

The Vault Wealth System™ is built to help you where you're at.

Whether you’re just out of college or you feel like you should be saving for your kids college, we can help. Google causes lots of information overload, so we’ll help you understand what matters most so you can make the right moves.



We understand the challenge of keeping your personal finances separate from your business. Your time is valuable, you deserve to spend it building your business and the life you dreamed of. Not losing sleep wondering if you’re on track.



Healthcare, Equine, Attorneys, Engineers, IT, and more! A healthy income doesn’t automatically equate to financial freedom. We’ll help you turn a good earned income into passive & portfolio income so one day work can be optional.



You’ve worked hard and deserve to retire confidently. You shouldn’t have to worry about inflation or market dips. From Social Security to Medicare, we’ve got you covered. Know you're invested right and your finances are optimized.



You have a
God-given purpose.

Is your relationship with money serving as a catalyst in
accomplishing that purpose or a culprit in sabotaging it?