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Elevate your estate planning with Vault Estate™ Service, a collaboration between Vault Wealth and EncorEstate Plans (Encore). Encore is renowned for its expertise in crafting comprehensive estate planning documents, including trusts and other vital legal instruments.

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Introducing Vault Estate™


Estate Planning Services

Finally, a simple process for what could be one of the most significant steps on your financial journey.
Procrastination is no longer the enemy
Estate plans don't have to be complicated
Clear and transparent pricing
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How it works

4 easy steps to your estate plan

Agree and Pay Vault Wealth

Let Vault Wealth know you want to move forward and we'll have you fill out a short form that gets our agreement signed and pay the Vault Estate™ fee of $850 to get started. We'll guide you through the process every step of the way.

Complete EncorEstate Plans Intake Form

This is the longest step in the entire process, you're not rushed to make decisions immediately, you have as much time as you need to discuss every answer and ask as many questions as you need.

Pay EncorEstate Plans

To submit the intake form, you'll need to pay EncorEstate Plans fee for the services you've selected. A summary of the fees can be found below.

Signing Party!

Once your documents have been created, we schedule a time to get together at the Vault Office and get all of your documents signed and notarized. Don't worry, Vault Wealth has our own in-house notary, all you need to do is show up!


Learn more about the company and the team behind it.

1. Start here

Start with one of these main options, if you don't already have an estate plan or you do but you want to start over, choose either a Trust-Based plan or a Will-Based plan.

Trust-Based Estate Plan

Vault Wealth Fee $850
Base Encore Fee $550†

Will-Based Estate Plan

Vault Wealth Fee $850
Base Encore Fee $350†

Estate Plan Update

Base cost (due to EncorEstate Plans) $125†

(For EncorEstate Plan created estate plans only)

Existing Estate Plan Summary

Base cost (due to EncorEstate Plans) $150†

2. Add-On's

If you chose a Trust-Based Estate Plan, choose any of these add-on's that you'll need to finish building out your estate plan. Most people choose to move their primary residence into their trust, which requires one Property Deed Recorded add-on, i.e.

Property Deeds Recorded (Trust Only)

EncorEstate Plans will create and file the property deeds and spare you from having to visit the recorders office in your county.

Estate Plan Summary

Get a visual summary as you go in order to ensure your desires are properly reflected. This visual summary is also included as a cover page on all documents generated by EncorEstate Plans.

Business Assignments (Trust Only)

Ensure your interests in a business are assigned to your new trust. Whatever percentage you own in a business (100%, 50%, etc.), just let EncorEstate Plans know and it will be done.
Golden Shield with pricing example of starting a trust-based plan and one property deed.

In more complex circumstances we are happy to recommend an estate planning attorney and may even coordinate with an attorney of the Client’s choice.

Additional fees are paid directly to Encore based on the specifics of the Client’s estate plan. Those fees will be detailed in the
Encore client portal before you submit and pay through Encore’s client portal. Encore’s fees are subject to change and Client should
rely on what is posted on Encore’s client portal at the time of submission.

No Legal Advice - Client understands that Vault is not a licensed attorney and will be giving no legal advice as part of the engagement. Client understands that EEP will be producing an estate plan based on the information provided to EEP by Vault. Client also understands that EEP is not their attorney.

Confidentiality - In an effort to keep your information safe and secure, EEP currently uses two external data centers (Amazon Web Services, and Netsolus) to host EEP systems. At a minimum, both hosting providers adhere to EEP's ISMS guidelines or have ISMS guidelines that are more restrictive than EEP's. EEP is committed to following the ISO/IEC 27001 guidelines that prioritize an organization’s biggest threats based on the damage potential to the company, including financial, legal, contractual, reputation, or any factors which are material to a company. EEP agrees to keep any and all information provided by Vault confidential. EEP may only use the information provided to produce estate planning documents and for researching trends in estate planning decisions. EEP may NOT use any personal information for any marketing purposes or provide the information to any third party. This service is not suitable for complex estate plans.